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Which Church Will the Gates of Hades Not Prevail Against?

Despite the importance the early churches put on the Eucharist (communion) meal, I stand by the following argument, which I sent in answer to an email question about which church the gates of Hades will not prevail against: I think … Continue reading

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Fall of the Church?

I got an email from someone that objects to my describing “the fall of the church.” At least, I think that’s what his email was about. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. What I do know is that he offered several … Continue reading

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A Positive Story in Negative Times

The person in this article is not quite as radical as I am, but I always say to judge by fruit, and this fruit sounds incredible. Note that he has made some radical changes to the purpose of the church … Continue reading

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The Local Church and the Magisterium

Yesterday, Restless Pilgrim suggested (correctly) that my answer left "intimate fellowships" as deciding the correct interpretation of Scripture. I wanted to elevate my response from a comment to a post. Note that the purpose of the Scriptures is to equip … Continue reading

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Christian History News In Focus: Has Evangelicalism Been Disproven by an Evangelical?

A blog called "Shameless Popery," which makes its way into my Google Alerts on a regular basis, posted an article called "An Evangelical Disproves Evangelicalism". The evangelical in question is Scot McKnight. I am only slightly familiar with him. I … Continue reading

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Was Cardinal John Henry Newman Correct?

From the blog: Early Church Fathers: Today, as Protestant theologians study the Fathers of the Early Church, they are awakening to the truth of Blessed John Henry Newman’s conclusion: "You cannot study the Fathers and remain a Protestant." Is this … Continue reading

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The True Church

Many of my friends will wonder why I’m writing about the true church and apostolic succession again. Well because there’s hardly a week that goes by that I’m not presented with arguments either that I should join the Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism and the Bible

The last post, dealing with the Nephilim of Genesis 6, ended up touching on both the creation story and on modern doctrines versus the early traditions of the church. By the way, someone sent me a link free online translation … Continue reading

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Really Important Things a Christian Should Know

I’ve been promising myself and friends I would upload this list for a few weeks. These are just a random assortment of issues. I’m sure there’s some important ones I’m missing. Feel free to add those in the comments. In … Continue reading

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When Doctrine and History Matter

Yesterday I talked about when doctrine and history don’t matter; when they are just issues to create dissension and divide us. Today I want to talk about when they do matter: The other day, I got a really awesome letter … Continue reading

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