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The Sound of Silence

When my son began singing Tim Hawkins, parody, “The Sound of Starbucks,” faint memories of a childhood melody crept into my brain. “The Sound of Silence” were the only words I remembered. Out of curiosity, I looked up the lyrics … Continue reading

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The Foundation of God and Its Affect on Fellowship

I wrote an article on my author site primarily concerning 2 Timothy 2:19 and what Paul describes as God’s “sure foundation.” It’s at http://www.paulfpavao.com/sure-foundation.html and it spills over into discussing with whom Christians should fellowship and with whom they should … Continue reading

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The Church: Inside and Outside

The Church is a complicated subject for me. I’m glad for this opportunity to look at what the church is from all angles. What follows is a very long comment I posted in answer to a very short question. A … Continue reading

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The Church, part one

I’m not near as good at describing the Church as the Chinese that came from Watchman Nee’s Little Flock movement. I’m a pretty good storyteller, but I can’t spin the tale of the church like Gene Edwards can. I can, … Continue reading

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The Cost of Church Life

I found this tract as I was clearing out old files because of an office move. I know the author, so I got permission to publish it with all references to his church removed. Church life is what it is. … Continue reading

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What I Support: Faith Alone and the Family of God … In New Words

I get so caught up in correcting what I see as obvious error that sometimes I forget to make clear what I’m supporting. I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is good news. I attack all sorts of doctrines. … Continue reading

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The Attack of the Cloned Mutant Giants

Note: This post ignores all the questions about what the body of Christ is. This applies whether you’re including everyone who claims to be Christian and all churches that claim to be churches or not. Further note: While most of … Continue reading

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Electronic Church?

I read a very interesting paragraph in a blog by Lisa Miller, former religion editor of Newsweek. “When Bible study can be done on Facebook as easily as in the church basement, and a favorite preacher can teach lessons via … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Catholic: Gandhi and the Truth

Of course, you’ll have to triumph by dying. That’s how Christians do it, you know. Continue reading

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The Power of the Church: Never Be Lonely Again

I was reading The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience again this morning. Scandal documents the terrible testimony that we Christians are giving to the western world. The book is important. It will do us no good to pretend that there … Continue reading

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