Final Judgments and False Gospels: A Comment

This is an additional thought on that heretical false gospel displayed in the godtube video in my last post.

Note that in the video, the Christian is the worst of all the people there. What will a non-Christian conclude from watching that video? He can conclude only one thing, which is that Jesus has to ignore sin because he doesn’t have the power to deliver us from sin.

We are so careful to avoid a holier-than-thou attitude or saying that we are better than non-Christians.

Did Christ make you better? Did he change your life? Did he make you more righteous in your behavior?

If he didn’t, then you’ve never met him because that’s what he does.

If he did, then Christians are holier than non-Christians, and we are better than non-Christians. They need to know that! We’re not trying to prove we’re wonderful; we’re trying to let non-Christians have some idea that Jesus actually has the power to help them!!!

That godtube video is embarrassing to me and insulting to Jesus.

I wish y’all would go over there and leave them some sensible comments. I’m writing this several days before it goes up on my blog, but as of today I’m unable to leave a comment there. Some technical glitch on my computer or their site.

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  1. After watching that pathetic video; I felt sorry for those people. Because, they don’t know what they’re doing. They make Jesus look like an idiot and the judgement of the sheep and goats like a game show. The Devil has found the perfect tool for keeping people away from God: Imbacilic Evangelical Videos.

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