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An Ancient Theologian explains Tradition

Originally posted on Dead Heroes Don't Save:
Irenaeus, a 2nd century theologian, defended Christianity from the Gnostic philosophies that were popular at the time. His 5 volume work, Against Heresies, dedicates the first two volumes to describing the Gnostic…

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The Apostles and the Rise of the Papacy

I’m going to buy myself some time to work on the early church timeline and the notes on the timeline by posting this related video. The video is an hour long. I try never to do that, but it’s one … Continue reading

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John 20:23: How Do I Interpret it?

I’ll give you both my video and email response to this question sent by a reader. Video first: Then the email: I think John 20:23 says that the church has a lot more power than we usually think. The apostles … Continue reading

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