The Apostles and the Rise of the Papacy

I’m going to buy myself some time to work on the early church timeline and the notes on the timeline by posting this related video.

The video is an hour long. I try never to do that, but it’s one of those history things where all the facts fall right into place, telling a story and providing an explanation of how things got to be the way they are. I didn’t have to “dig this out” and prove anything. The story just tells itself. It’s complete with maps.

Forgive me for the handwriting on the maps. I drew these out and wrote on them a year ago when my hands were still shaking from chemotherapy, radiation, weakness, and medications. It was hard even to sign my name, much less write on a map with an eletronic pen!

Still, I think everything is legible and comprehensible. You’ll follow this easily. I presented it to about 40 people before I made the video. The video is clearer, but the 40 people had no problem following the less clear version.

If you have any problems seeing this, see it directly on Youtube.

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