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Protestant vs. Roman Catholic vs. Orthodox: How Does a Christian Find a Church?

I put the following comment on an article at Conciliar Post, a very interesting interfaith, multi-author blog. My comment is not fully thought out, but I did not fix it because it is meant to prompt discussion at Conciliar Post … Continue reading

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Sola Scriptura

I read part of an article on sola scriptura today, and I thought it’s high time I addressed the subject here. This isn’t a response to that article. The article just provides an easy outline to address. Sola scriptura, by … Continue reading

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Unity and the Protestant Church

I said yesterday that Protestant denominations are not any different than the apostolic succession Rome is trying to enforce on us. Unity is not agreement upon doctrines held by an organization and enforced upon its members. Jesus said that our … Continue reading

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The Gates of Hades Shall Not Prevail Against the Church

I’m traveling … not much time to be posting blogs, but this email discussion I’m having addresses an important issue. So here’s the email … ************ I don’t have the confidence that you have to say, “How can the pope … Continue reading

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Brand Loyalty to Christ

The problem is, Roman Catholic tradition and Orthodoxy do produce a brand you can recognize. They reliably produce worldliness, carnality, idolatry, and an indifference to the commands of Christ. Continue reading

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