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Other Scriptures Regarding God’s Sure Foundation

Over the last four posts (1, 2, 3, 4), we have been building a foundation … or rather, letting the Scriptures tell us what God’s sure foundation is and how to build on it. There are four more passages on … Continue reading

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The Bible Fact Checker #2: “Word of God”

It’s not part of Christian tradition to correct our speech and teaching just because the Bible uses a word or phrase differently than we do. Christianity has no fact checker to make sure the words we use line up with … Continue reading

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On the Petrine Primacy

I’m sending you to another post from Mr. Theophiletos. This post is more on the subject of Peter than the pope, but it touches on the pope, of course. I’m reposting because I find it an excellent example of thinking … Continue reading

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Q&A: When Did The Roman Catholic Church First Claim Peter’s Primacy?

“When did the RCC begin to claim that Peter was the first pope of Rome?” Cyprian and 80+ overseers that met with him at the Council of Carthage discussed Stephen’s claim to be the bishop over all bishops. They rejected … Continue reading

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Are You Selling a Car or a Key?

Yesterday a friend and I were reading through Acts together. I got to expounding on Peter’s sermon in Acts 2, and I came up with an illustration I want to tell you about. I was about to write “… that … Continue reading

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The True Church

Many of my friends will wonder why I’m writing about the true church and apostolic succession again. Well because there’s hardly a week that goes by that I’m not presented with arguments either that I should join the Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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Roman Catholics, Quote Mining, and Honesty

I debated whether Roman Catholicism was really a topic that fits this blog. I thought some about the name of the blog. It is “The Rest of the Old, Old Story.” This post definitely fits the blog title because I’m … Continue reading

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