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“Biblically Sound” Denominations in Light of the Judgment

Someone asked me which denominations are biblically sound. I wrote this answer. I don’t think a “denomination” is biblically sound. I believe that, biblically, the church is all the Christians in my town. It would be awesome if we had … Continue reading

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The Foundation of God and Its Affect on Fellowship

I wrote an article on my author site primarily concerning 2 Timothy 2:19 and what Paul describes as God’s “sure foundation.” It’s at http://www.paulfpavao.com/sure-foundation.html and it spills over into discussing with whom Christians should fellowship and with whom they should … Continue reading

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Unity and Denominations

I began my last post with “I left all the denominations.” Although that is clearly a Protestant-type comment, for Protestants are the only one who have denominations and gladly belong to them, I got a couple Catholic responses. One of … Continue reading

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A Heavenly Examination

Last night someone asked me what denomination we are. I answered by telling him why I left all the denominations. I talked about how much of the Scriptures are routinely ignored by everyone in pretty much every Protestant church. There … Continue reading

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The Argument from (Dis-)Similarity

Originally posted on Finite Reflections of Infinity:
Will the real Church please stand up?  Go to a phone directory of any moderately sized settlement and see if the listings for “churches” don’t rapidly get bewildering.  Indeed, such an exercise is often…

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I Am of Paul

Today’s post is a sister post to yesterday’s. 1 Corinthians 1:10: Now I beseech you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you, but … Continue reading

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Denominations and Going to Hell

Sorry for the purposely shocking title. You can decide for yourself whether it’s accurate. I’m always surprised that no one ever talks about the fact that Galatians 5:19-21 says that those who "practice" denominations will not inherit the kingdom of … Continue reading

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Unity and the Protestant Church

I said yesterday that Protestant denominations are not any different than the apostolic succession Rome is trying to enforce on us. Unity is not agreement upon doctrines held by an organization and enforced upon its members. Jesus said that our … Continue reading

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The Church Fathers and the Pope

I wasn’t going to blog today; I don’t have time. Nonetheless, I simply can’t let this pass. I couldn’t believe it when I read this: This is what stuck in Alex’s mind, and it led him to make a fateful … Continue reading

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John Calvin and the Church

It’s funny that while I’m doing a series on Calvinism, I ran by chance across some statements by John Calvin on the Church. They’re pretty amazing. I found these in Volume VIII of Philip Schaff’s History of  the Christian Church, … Continue reading

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