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Through the Bible: Matthew 1:18-25

We are going through Tatian’s Diatessaron. It is a harmony of the four Gospels put together in the mid-second centuary. Today we begin section II, which is pulled from Matthew 1. The introduction mentions that Tatian skipped the genealogies in … Continue reading

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Through the Bible: Luke 1:24-45

We are working from Tatian’s Diatessaron, a harmony of the Gospels put together around the year 160. The introduction to the Diatessaron was done a few days ago. The next section we are covering is Luke 1:24-45. Once again, I … Continue reading

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The Promise by Megan Cupit

Last year I ran across a blog by a young lady that I was very impressed by. The blog said she was 15, but her maturity level and commitment to … no, contentment with … our King seemed far older … Continue reading

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The Church Fathers and the Pope

I wasn’t going to blog today; I don’t have time. Nonetheless, I simply can’t let this pass. I couldn’t believe it when I read this: This is what stuck in Alex’s mind, and it led him to make a fateful … Continue reading

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