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The Argument from (Dis-)Similarity

Originally posted on Finite Reflections of Infinity:
Will the real Church please stand up?  Go to a phone directory of any moderately sized settlement and see if the listings for “churches” don’t rapidly get bewildering.  Indeed, such an exercise is often…

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Storytelling and Doctrinal Debates

It has dawned on me that the problem is my storytelling. It’s absent in such a debate. I am speaking from a context of the history of the whole church all the way back to the apostles. Most Protestants have no clue about that history. Continue reading

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Try Jesus

Note: comments are enabled again; I found a better filter.  Today we passed a church marquis that read, “For a happier year, try Jesus in 2009.” I understand the mentality that wants to ask people to try Jesus, but something … Continue reading

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