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Dealing with Scripture Honestly: Introduction

As a young Christian in an Assembly of God church, I was trained to deal illogically and dishonestly with Scripture. Because of the Christian atmosphere in my town, at least among evangelical denominations, I was also trained to argue vehemently … Continue reading

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Repeating History

Sorry for being missing in action. I played a charity softball game, and our softball team was in serious need of charity. We were old, slow, and out of practice, so we were out in the field for the first … Continue reading

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Teachings That Must Not Be Lost

There are several long-forgotten teachings that used to be simple orthodoxy, known by all but the least educated Christians. For Protestants today, the Bible is a hodge-podge of competing verses, and which verses one prefers depends on which denomination he … Continue reading

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Back Surgery and the Help of God

This is not meant to be a blog about my personal life, but … Yesterday my wife had back surgery for a bulging disk. It was huge; 18 mm, for those that have an idea of what that is. The … Continue reading

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