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Behavior Is Better Than Belief

The last time I posted on this subject, someone complained that behavior is not better than belief. Godly behavior is the produce of belief and cannot be obtained without belief, so how can behavior be better? Okay, that’s true. “Apart … Continue reading

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The Pastoral Epistles: Were Timothy and Titus Pastors?

I guess this must be controversial. Years ago, I was talking to a customer in my Christian bookstore, and I began to point out the obvious, which is that Timothy and Titus were not pastors. It took the man a … Continue reading

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Leukemia in the Body of Christ

I apparently stopped being notified by email of comments on this blog. I had a couple that sat for a few days before being approved. Sorry. This is an email I wrote to someone. This is now in the “thinking … Continue reading

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The Appearance of Paul, Part 6

We’ll see how much blogging I can get done tonight. I hope to write more than one. I’ve done 4 parts of a series on the appearance of Paul before tonight. This is Part 6 because I skipped part 4 … Continue reading

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Gentleness: The Appearance of Paul, Part 3

Let’s start with an unusual introduction … The Middle Age Brain I’m listening to a book on the Middle Age Brain—well, my wife is, and I’m eavesdropping—as we drive across Nevada on I-80. The author is telling a story about … Continue reading

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What Church Would be Like If All Christians Were Christians

If over half your congregation is not even interested in Jesus’ requirements for a disciple (Luke 14:26-33), then the devil does the majority of the voting in every one of your business meetings. Continue reading

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The Letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians: Bishops and Ecclesiastical Authority

"Bishops and Ecclesiastical Authority." Sorry for the pompous sounding name of this post. I wanted to pull in the liturgical folk who might be searching for a topic like this. We’re going to tackle Ignatius of Antioch’s comments about bishops, … Continue reading

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