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Rebuilding the (Penal?) Substitutionary Atonement

This is an email I sent to someone who wrote to me (from the Netherlands!). I have edited it to make it clearer, so you are getting a better version than he did. I would love to discuss the atonement! … Continue reading

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Custom Shoe Arches and the Bible

Despite three large windows, our living room is quite dim in the morning. I was peeling back the cushion in the heel of shoe to see which one of my custom arches was in there. Because of the darkness, I … Continue reading

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Atonement: Part Three (I Think)

It is very hard to just step back and look at a doctrine so important to the faith as the atonement. I am always looking for ways to get my readers to hear what I am saying, to somehow not … Continue reading

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Staying on the Subject: Penal Substitution

If you read this blog much, you know how much I dislike the doctrine of penal substitution. Not only does it justify a Christian living as an enemy of Jesus, but it makes a monster out of God. Proving penal … Continue reading

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Jesus Paid It All?

I’m back on the “Jesus Paid It All” bandwagon again. I saw a blog I won’t reference because I really liked it. I’ll link to it some other time when I’m not using it to point out an error that … Continue reading

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Penal Substitution

I wrote a page on “penal substition” or the “substitutionary atonement” at Christian-history.org. However, because of the nature of my site, Christian History for Everyman, I included an exposition of the atonement from my perspective, which I hope was an … Continue reading

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