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Substitutionary Atonement: Jesus Died to Change Us, not God

This is something I wrote in a Facebook comment. I would like to hold on to it, and I hope it helps you understand Romans and the whole New Testament. There is a clear origin in St. Anselm for the … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the (Penal?) Substitutionary Atonement

This is an email I sent to someone who wrote to me (from the Netherlands!). I have edited it to make it clearer, so you are getting a better version than he did. I would love to discuss the atonement! … Continue reading

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Penal Substitution

I wrote a page on “penal substition” or the “substitutionary atonement” at Christian-history.org. However, because of the nature of my site, Christian History for Everyman, I included an exposition of the atonement from my perspective, which I hope was an … Continue reading

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Jesus Paid the Price?

You’d think that as often as songs mention how Jesus "paid the price" for our sins, that such terminology would be found in the Bible at least once. Instead, the only price discussed in Scripture in reference to the precious … Continue reading

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