The Roman Catholic Church Changed the Ten Commandments

For some reason I do not think of it much, but the Roman Catholic Church changed the ten commandments. I have to suppose it was to try to hide from their members that bowing down in front of statues is idolatry.

I am not sure when they did this. It was probably in the late medieval period while they were putting people to death for translating the Bible into languages other than Latin.

You may be thinking this is an outrageous attack on the Roman Catholic Church, but it is simply fact. If you click this link, it will  take you to the Vatican web site. You will see three columns: the 10 commandments from Exodus, from Deuteronomy and the “Traditional Catechetical Formula.” The third column is the list as they teach to their members. The omission of the second commandment is obvious there, right on the Vatican web site. The way they turn the 10th commandment from Exodus into two commandments is not to split it down the middle, but to pluck a center part out.

Why would the only church in the world that bows and prays before statues remove the commandment that says not to make a graven image or bow down to it? 

No need to call a detective for that one. 

Really, it makes all the other unique claims of the Roman Catholic Church void, don’t you think?

I apologize if you think this post is rude or dripping with sarcasm, but this issue is off the charts outrageous. 

The Roman Catholic Church is the only church that does this:

That last site says, “Protestants, Jews, and Catholics number the commandments in slightly different ways,” but you will see the Protestants and Jews give them exactly the same way.

‘Nuff said.

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1 Response to The Roman Catholic Church Changed the Ten Commandments

  1. Doug Chamley says:

    It’s an interesting fact that the Roman Catholic Church sees itself as the “mother church” and yet it teaches error and even deception to it’s children. Idolatry is just one item in a long list of errors.

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