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The Roman Catholic Church Changed the Ten Commandments

For some reason I do not think of it much, but the Roman Catholic Church changed the ten commandments. I have to suppose it was to try to hide from their members that bowing down in front of statues is … Continue reading

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I Do Keep the Sabbath!

I keep all of the Law the way Jesus taught in Matthew 5:21 and forward. I keep the Sabbath by living in perpetual Sabbath. I do not murder by behaving in love and not hate by the power of the Holy Spirit. Continue reading

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Through the Bible in a Year: Exodus 17 to 20

The Schedule Chapter readings for this week Overall schedule, week by week If the commentary is too much, read the Bible, not the commentary! The commentaries are well-labeled, so you can always navigate to the parts you have questions about. … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Ten Commandments of Catholicism

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog on the ten commandments. There I argued that the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) split “You shall not covet” into two commands in order to draw attention away from the command they omit, … Continue reading

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Platform 9 3/4: The Roman Catholics’ Nine and Three-Quarter Commandments

I’m not sure how many of you know that the Roman Catholics have a different ten commandments than the Protestants, but they do. I was raised Catholic, and I was stunned when I found out that “Thou shalt not make … Continue reading

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