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Answering the Verses Evangelicals Throw at Me: Hebrews 9:22

By now all my readers know that I disagree with a good portion of evangelical tradition. I am not bashful about writing against those traditions. When I do so, I expect evangelicals to look at the verses and explanations I … Continue reading

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So today (yesterday by the time you read this) I got stung by believing something that was false. I jumped on a guy who downplayed my complaint about the Roman Catholic practice of enforcing celibacy on their clergy, when Scripture … Continue reading

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Solid Teaching and How It Happens

I’m reading a book on house churches that says that if a house church isn’t teaching regularly, then it would be better to go to an institutional church with solid teaching. Uh huh. Where would I find one of those? … Continue reading

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Sneering, Honesty, and Homosexuality

Is homosexuality inherited or acquired? This New Scientist article is among the most honest I’ve seen. WARNING: 1.) This blog post is not suitable for children. 2.) I’d love to say I outlined this and stayed on topic, but this … Continue reading

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Rev. Louie Giglio

Anti-gay pastor Louie Giglio has decided not to speak at President Obama’s inauguration. That’s polite. I agree with his decision. What I wonder about is how you felt about my reference to Rev. Giglio as anti-gay. (And in some other … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Dodge the Evolution-Creation Controversy

Soon, or perhaps already, a mutant army of mosquitoes and caterpillars are being unleashed in the Brazilian jungle. Scientists have used gene therapy to engineer mosquitoes and moths that bear viable offspring, but those offspring are pre-programmed with a suicide … Continue reading

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Too Lazy to Reason, Part III: Liars

There are many thousands of self-appointed apologists for these doctrines that pretend to be researching the subject. The problem is, they’re lying.
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Climate Change/Global Cooling and Media and Scientific Honesty

Listen, I believe global warming is real and caused by man—for a couple reasons I’ll mention later—but the incredible dishonesty by media and scientists makes me so angry that I want to join the other side. How I Got on … Continue reading

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Christians and Liberals

Today I found a news article about the ACLU supporting freedom of Religion … for Christians! Giving credit where credit is due, I found that link at this blog. I have some comments to make about Christians, liberals, and conspiracy … Continue reading

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Honest Bible Interpretation: Assumptions, Humility, and Reality

It seems that there’s always some incident making me want to talk about honest Bible interpretation. Today it was a phone call  made to a call-in talk show. The hosts, conservatives like most talk radio hosts, had repeated a rumor … Continue reading

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