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Revivalism and Conversion

This is, I think, the fourth time that I have turned one of Jon’s comments into a post. He asks good questions and offers challenges that I either have not thought of or did not feel I had the time … Continue reading

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The Rebuilding the Foundations System Spelled Out by the Apostle Peter

I am keenly aware of how hard it is for human beings to shift core belief systems. As a friend said recently, it is hard even to consider the idea that works have anything to do with eternal life. Of … Continue reading

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Solid Teaching and How It Happens

I’m reading a book on house churches that says that if a house church isn’t teaching regularly, then it would be better to go to an institutional church with solid teaching. Uh huh. Where would I find one of those? … Continue reading

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He Who Fears God and Labors at Righteousness

Do you ever wake up in the night with scary revelations from God? I do. Not real often, but it has happened several times over the last three decades. At the start, I hated it. I would wake up with … Continue reading

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A Protestant Way of Thinking

I found a coalition of house churches. They sounded pretty awesome, so I emailed the closest one, which is about an hour and a half away. I like a lot of things they do, but honestly I cannot endure this … Continue reading

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Welcome to PaulFPavao.wordpress.com

Wow, was I astounded to find that PaulPavao.wordpress.com had been taken. It’s not even being used! I am making an attempt to move here because I have struggled so much with getting a design I like it with wordpress.org software. … Continue reading

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Are We Bible Believers?

U.S. Christians make a lot of claims about being "Bible believers," but mostly they are Bible praisers. They honor and say wonderful things about the Bible, but they really don’t pay much attention to what it says unless it agrees … Continue reading

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Through the Bible in a Year: Romans 9-11

On Monday, we’ll be returning to the Hebrew Scriptures and reading 1 Samuel. We’ll read chapters 1-5 on Monday. For today, I’m going to send you back to last week’s post on Romans 7-11. I have just moved from our … Continue reading

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Through the Bible in a Year: Exodus 5 through 8

The Schedule Chapter readings for this week Overall schedule, week by week Exodus 5:2: Who is YHWH? We must always remember not to read our modern Christian culture back into the Bible. Pharaoh was a polytheist, a worshiper of multiple … Continue reading

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Predestination, Calvinism, and Bible Interpretation: Part Three

We have been looking at Calvinism’s TULIP a little bit. I considered going point by point through TULIP–and I still want to do that–but there’s something more important than that. Does the Scripture ever really bring up Calvinism? Are the … Continue reading

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