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Due Diligence

“Due Diligence” is a legal IRS term. You are allowed to take a questionable deduction on a tax return as long as you have done your “due diligence.” This means that you have researched your deduction enough to confirm a … Continue reading

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Difficult Verses Revisited

I’ve talked before about difficult verses. These are verses that “seem to contradict” a doctrine to which you hold. Here’s an example from a radio show I heard, with a caller and the host interacting. The caller was asking how … Continue reading

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Difficult Verses and Bible Interpretation

I was exhorted in a comment to make my purposes clear in my posts. The apostles, I was told, always had a call to action. That thought led to this post, but I don’t know what my call to action … Continue reading

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Harmonization vs. Conflict in the Scripture

In my last post I talked a little about faith verse works. I mentioned that "faith plus works" is not a bad thing in Scripture, but a good thing. It’s only a bad thing in our fundamentalist Protestant tradition. Why … Continue reading

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