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I haven’t had time to do much of anything throughout August except get moved into our new house in Cordova (a Memphis suburb). I still have in mind to make a post, or a few posts, on the story of the church.

However, someone shared a Bible study method that I want to share with you. All of us could use some “pop” put back into our love for the Scriptures every now and then. This was an interesting technique for studying 1-3 verses a day and making sure that you’re getting some real spiritual food every day.

First, you’ll need a journal for this. Don’t wait to get started until you get around to buying a journal, though! Use a piece of paper. Don’t let a purchase stop you from building yourself up in God’s Word.

1. Pray (of course)
2. Write the whole verse out. Don’t skip this step. There is benefit to it.
3. Write the words “who, what, when, where, why, how.”
4. Highlight repeated words in the verse. Matthew, the person who suggested this method, uses different colored highlighters to mark each word that is repeated with a different color. He suggested using different shapes (circle, diamond, square, oval) if you don’t have highlighters (or crayons, which I prefer to highlighters).
5. Write three questions about the verse. Use the question words from step 3 to help you create the question, as well as taking note of the repeated words. For example, “Why does God emphasize and repeat the word ‘truth’ in Jn. 8:32?” Or, “How does truth set us free?”
6. How should this humble me?

The last point was very interesting to me, and Matthew cited Deut. 8:1-15 to point out that God’s commands and God’s dealings with us are meant to humble us. I recommend looking at those verses.

Gotta go!

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