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Some Beginning Articles on the Church

For some reason, I ended up on the subject of church life on my new site. It took a while to pull all three of these posts together, even though one was once previously written on this blog. That article, … Continue reading

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Sermons, Disciples, and Taking Notes

Modern preachers repeat and plead, repeat and plead. They know they are talking to those that are not disciples. They have to plead and grab attention so that the person in the pew might consider what they have to say. Continue reading

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Grant’s Tomb and the Words of God

"Get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding." – Proverbs 4:5 Recently I saw a movie called Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. There’s a modern remake, but I saw the 1936 version with Gary Cooper. Really good movie. I … Continue reading

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To Evangelize Or Not To Evangelize

Anyone who’s really devoted themselves to the Gospel, whether they’re lousy at it like me or real good at it like that lady I knew as a child, has had such experiences. But we ruin it when we try to turn every Christian into a used-religion salesmen. Those people are no better a testimony for the Gospel than is a used-car salesman. Continue reading

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The Appearance of Paul, Part 6

We’ll see how much blogging I can get done tonight. I hope to write more than one. I’ve done 4 parts of a series on the appearance of Paul before tonight. This is Part 6 because I skipped part 4 … Continue reading

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Gentleness: The Appearance of Paul, Part 3

Let’s start with an unusual introduction … The Middle Age Brain I’m listening to a book on the Middle Age Brain—well, my wife is, and I’m eavesdropping—as we drive across Nevada on I-80. The author is telling a story about … Continue reading

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William T. Snead and the Welsh Revival

Do you think that teaching is what people want in a revival? These people, all the people in a land like ours, are taught to death, preached to insensibility. They all know the essential truths. They know they are not living as they ought to live, and no amount of teaching will add anything to that conviction. Continue reading

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Evangelism and the Church

This blog started as a comment on one of my other posts, but it kept growing. This post is self-explanatory without seeing the comment I’m responding to, but if you’d like to, it’s on my September 20 post. The Great … Continue reading

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Revival Preaching

A fellow named Daniel Hamilton left me a link on one of his comments. It has videos of the preaching of one B.H. Clendennen. Excellent preaching. Completely based in the traditions of men. Listen, my friends, Jesus did not raise … Continue reading

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