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The Law of Moses and the Sabbath for Christians

I addressed a question concerning the Sabbath on the Christian History for Everyman Facebook page. It’s short compared to most of my blog posts, but very long for a Facebook post. If that’s a topic that interests or puzzles you, … Continue reading

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Fulfilling the Law (Matthew 5:17)

One of the more controversial verses in the apostles’ writings is Matthew 5:17: Do not thing that I came to abolish [kataluo: to dissolve, disunite, destroy, demolish, overthrow, render vain, bring to naught, subvert] the Law or the prophets. I … Continue reading

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Should Gentile Christians Keep the Law?

We do not keep the food laws of the Jews, but we do keep the food laws of the Law of Christ, which is the Law of Moses brought to fullness. We do so by meditating on the Word, parting from the world, and being in fellowship with those who do the same. Continue reading

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