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No “Through the Bible” Today: Another Roman Catholic Question

It’s a weekend, and we’re not doing "Through the Bible in a Year" on the weekend. This post today is probably going to make some people irate, but every word of what follows is true. Once again, this based on … Continue reading

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The Magisterium and the Protestant Reformation, Part 3

More responses to the Catholic Encyclopedia’s article, Teaching Authority and Living Magisterium. Definition of "magisterium" from yesterday’s post: The magisterium is the self-assigned and self-acknowledged “teaching authority” of the Roman Catholic Church. It’s a reference to whatever authority gets to … Continue reading

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The Roman Catholic Church and the Gospel

I got an email from a Roman Catholic yesterday. It was very nice this time. Most of the vitriolic (um, harsh and negative) letters I receive are from Catholics. This one was very kind. On the other hand, he asked … Continue reading

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The Letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians: Bishops and Ecclesiastical Authority

"Bishops and Ecclesiastical Authority." Sorry for the pompous sounding name of this post. I wanted to pull in the liturgical folk who might be searching for a topic like this. We’re going to tackle Ignatius of Antioch’s comments about bishops, … Continue reading

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obeying God

The following isn’t a carefully outlined teaching, just random but extremely important thoughts. Really, it’s just comments on things Watchman Nee said in the book Spiritual Authority. The greatest of God’s demands on man is not for him to bear … Continue reading

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