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Mortal and Venial Sins?

Roman Catholicism distinguishes between mortal sins, which lead to hell, and venial sins, which lead to “temporal punishment.” Is this distinction scriptural? Note: This post is the result of thinking about a recent discussion with “Jon.” He mentioned once that … Continue reading

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Grace and Mercy Revisited

Little rant I did on Facebook. I think it’s important, very important. So here it is: I get so frustrated with how widespread the confusion is between mercy and grace. I’m reading an article on “communities of grace.” It has … Continue reading

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To Whom Will the Lord Not Impute Sin?

The apostle Paul tells us, “Blessed is the one to whom the Lord will not impute sin” (Rom. 4:8). I think we all would agree such a person is blessed! The question is, who is that person? I love the … Continue reading

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That the Body of Sin Might Be Done Away With

The following is a daily devotional written by my father-in-law, Robert Maynard (no, not the former mayor of Oakland, CA). He calls it “Verse of the Day” and he sends it some co-workers and family, though he tells me he’s … Continue reading

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A Quick Overview of Salvation

Describing salvation in this way terrifies Evangelicals. I was going to say it stumbles them, but that’s not true. Their own doctrine stumbles them and causes the majority of them to be unsaved. Continue reading

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One Little Sin

This is part 2 of a blog I just finished (sort of ). Many Christians believe that all it takes is one little sin–a white lie or stealing a piece of chewing gum as a child–to send you to hell. … Continue reading

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