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Teaching All the Wrong Things To Get All the Right Results

Spiritual men are capable of preserving the unity of the Spirit because they’re not covering up spiritual unity with all sorts of brilliant, insightful, and even Scriptural theological ideas. Continue reading

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To Evangelize Or Not To Evangelize

Anyone who’s really devoted themselves to the Gospel, whether they’re lousy at it like me or real good at it like that lady I knew as a child, has had such experiences. But we ruin it when we try to turn every Christian into a used-religion salesmen. Those people are no better a testimony for the Gospel than is a used-car salesman. Continue reading

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Apostolic Succession, Unity, and What Really Matters

We’ve tried asking an entire continent to submit to the elders and bishops who had apostolic succession. That experiment went on for centuries. It’s known as “The Dark Ages.” Continue reading

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Obstacles to Christian Unity 2

I apologize for the gap between posts. It’s been a busy time at work, and I have six children as well.   I started the last blog by talking about the importance of unity. You should look at it and make … Continue reading

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