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Ignatius of Antioch: Conqueror

Imagine yourself in your front yard, suddenly confronted with two huge, growling Rottweilers. One has a short length of thick chain hanging from his log-sized neck that he has clearly snapped to set himself free. They’re too close for you … Continue reading

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Second Century Timeline

I was going to do a part 2 on my introduction to the Second Century Timeline. Restless Pilgrim, who has been a tireless follower of this blog, asked about quotes from Ignatius. He deserves a medal for tolerating me so … Continue reading

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Differences Among the Apostles (Bible Interpretation)

I explained the purpose of this post in yesterday’s post. We tend to think of the Bible as one book. It’s not. “Bible” is from the Greek and Latin words for “books.” The books of the Bible were written by … Continue reading

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Authority of the Apostles in the Early Church

No written blog today. I wanted to share this video. This is a relatively comprehensive look at the early Christian understanding of the role and authority of the apostles, the source of the Scriptures, the role of tradition, the preservation … Continue reading

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Early Christianity, Organic Christianity, and the Rise of the Catholic Church

This post will probably only interest you if you’re a friend of mine and like listening to me already, or if you have an avid interest in early Christianity and how the church became the miserable mess that it became … Continue reading

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The Letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians: Chapter One

I started this series yesterday with an introduction to the early Christian writings. This is Ignatius’ epistle to the Ephesians, written in A.D. 107 or 116, about 50 or 60 years after Paul wrote his epistle to the Ephesians and … Continue reading

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The Letter of Ignatius of Antioch to the Ephesians, Introduction

This letter is taken from THE ANTE-NICENE FATHERS, Volume I, and updated to modern language. The original translation is about 120 years old and is in university-style English. We’ll begin with the introduction by Ignatius, and then there’s 21 chapters … Continue reading

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The Epistle of Ignatius to the Ephesians

It’s fascinating to me that we have letters from early Christians to some of the very same churches Paul wrote to. Ignatius wrote to the Ephesians and Romans, Clement wrote to the Corinthians, and Polycarp wrote to the Philippians. And … Continue reading

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