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Paul and Barnabas Encourage the Churches

The email Bible study I sent to the new converts at Rose Creek Village today: This is a short study of Acts 14:21-23. It is prompted by my wondering what to tell a new Christian. Acts 14:21 lets us know … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Roman Catholicism

I got a question from a woman who was struggling with the claims of Catholicism. She wrote, “What are your thoughts?” Here’s my thoughts. Are there Christians in Catholicism? Definitely. Some have done so well in obeying our King throughout … Continue reading

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Women Pastors & “Course of Performance”

One of the best arguments for knowing the common, widespread teachings of the second-century Christians is a legal term: “Course of Performance.” LegalDictionary.com defines it this way: Evidence of the conduct of parties concerning the execution of obligations under a … Continue reading

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The Letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians: Bishops and Ecclesiastical Authority

"Bishops and Ecclesiastical Authority." Sorry for the pompous sounding name of this post. I wanted to pull in the liturgical folk who might be searching for a topic like this. We’re going to tackle Ignatius of Antioch’s comments about bishops, … Continue reading

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