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The Prosperity Gospel and Two Covenants

The Prosperity Gospel gets its knocks. Deservedly so. Too often, though, our answer is merely to throw verses at it, and we miss the main point, a point that is crucial to our understanding of many facets of the Christian … Continue reading

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The New Covenant Prophesied: Ezekiel 36

Remember, what was promised to fleshly Israel under the Old Covenant is an earthly shadow of the heavenly things that are promised to spiritual Israel under the New Covenant. Continue reading

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Fulfilling the Law (Matthew 5:17)

One of the more controversial verses in the apostles’ writings is Matthew 5:17: Do not thing that I came to abolish [kataluo: to dissolve, disunite, destroy, demolish, overthrow, render vain, bring to naught, subvert] the Law or the prophets. I … Continue reading

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