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“Really” Saved

All of us have run across people who say they are saved but are not. In fact, for most "Christians," the teachings of Christ and the apostles play little to no role in their lives. Polls by George Barna confirm … Continue reading

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Churches as Communities (Larry Crabb)

A friend posted this quote on Facebook. It’s too good to pass up. I have nothing to add to it. I just want to tell you it’s from Larry Crabb. I haven’t read any of his booksin over 20 years, … Continue reading

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The Attack of the Cloned Mutant Giants

Note: This post ignores all the questions about what the body of Christ is. This applies whether you’re including everyone who claims to be Christian and all churches that claim to be churches or not. Further note: While most of … Continue reading

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A Gift from God

What is hard today, when all you see is denying yourself, will eventually yield the peaceable fruits of righteousness–and righteousness looks a lot like love, friendship, mercy, and joy. Continue reading

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