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Storytelling and Doctrinal Debates

It has dawned on me that the problem is my storytelling. It’s absent in such a debate. I am speaking from a context of the history of the whole church all the way back to the apostles. Most Protestants have no clue about that history. Continue reading

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Teaching All the Wrong Things To Get All the Right Results

Spiritual men are capable of preserving the unity of the Spirit because they’re not covering up spiritual unity with all sorts of brilliant, insightful, and even Scriptural theological ideas. Continue reading

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Brand Loyalty to Christ

The problem is, Roman Catholic tradition and Orthodoxy do produce a brand you can recognize. They reliably produce worldliness, carnality, idolatry, and an indifference to the commands of Christ. Continue reading

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Honest and Historic Christianity

I’ve spent the last couple days working on a potential ebook that I want to call Honest, Historic Christianity. If you’re a reader of this blog, I wouldn’t mind you helping me with it. It is not linked to on … Continue reading

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The Time Changer

I saw a Christian movie last night called “The Time Changer.” It was very thought provoking, even though the acting was mediocre at best. This post is not really about the movie, but I need to give you a brief … Continue reading

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