Honest and Historic Christianity

I’ve spent the last couple days working on a potential ebook that I want to call Honest, Historic Christianity. If you’re a reader of this blog, I wouldn’t mind you helping me with it. It is not linked to on my web site, only here.

It’s only started, but it is about 17 pages of single-spaced writing in a Word document. The two main finished chapters are on the church and unity and salvation by faith. It won’t be real new if you read my blog a lot, but it is a unique approach to the Scriptures.

I call the approach the honest and historic approach because I have two goals.

One, honesty. I don’t want to explain away any Scriptures. I want the things I believe, hold to, and teach to be without “difficult” Scriptures. Nowadays, without the apostles to teach us and with their traditions, so honored in the early churches (2 Thess. 2:15), lost to us, it can take years of prayer and waiting to find what’s true.

Two, historical. I want to believe and teach what works. A prophet is known by his results, not his words. The kingdom of God does not consist of words, but of power. I want what I teach to be historical in the sense of being what powerful, holy, and united churches have taught in the past. I would also like it to be historical in the sense of “actual”: real and lived out.

You can see how I’m doing at this link: http://www.oldoldstory.org/Honest and Historic Christianity.doc

The only charge is feedback if you have any.

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