Hearing God

I’m mixing my blogs today.

On my Leukemia blog, “Thrilled to Death,” I’m writing about setting our eyes on Jesus. That requires some comments about hearing God, which goes better here. You’ll understand the short teaching you’re reading here, but if you want it in context, read today’s leukemia blog as well.

In fact, the teaching there is way more important than the teaching here, at least today. But the sidelight needs to go here, so here it is:

The general context is that I believe God has said that leukemia is not going to kill me.

So here goes:

I have some doubts about whether God really said I won’t die. A follower of Christ should always have a healthy question about whether he’s really heard God or whether he’s heard some whispering spirit or is simply deceiving himself. That’s where the body of Christ comes in. That’s where you set your opinions, and often even your hearing of God, down on “the pillar and support of the truth.” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see 1 Timothy 3:15.)

The body of Christ doesn’t think I’m going to die, either.

Note: By body of Christ, I don’t mean ask a bunch of people who are bound by modern traditions to agree that God always wants to heal people. They’re just going to tell you doctrine they’ve interpreted from the Bible; they’re not going to be able to listen to the Anointing which is true and not a lie, so they’re certainly not going to be able to tell you what it’s saying.

At that point, my doubts don’t matter. At that point, my job is to obey God. I am to both do and say what he’s saying.

Really? Does that work?

It’s worked for me for 29 years solid. I’m a church historian, amateur though I may be. It’s worked for the saints of God for 2,000 years.

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