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Divorce and Remarriage: Taking a Stance Against the Anabaptists

DISCLAIMER: A commenter accurately pointed out that this is too broad a sweep. It may be too harsh, too, but not for the people I am speaking of. My experience with the anti-remarriage crowd may only be the most outspoken … Continue reading

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The Gates of Hades Shall Not Prevail Against the Church

I’m traveling … not much time to be posting blogs, but this email discussion I’m having addresses an important issue. So here’s the email … ************ I don’t have the confidence that you have to say, “How can the pope … Continue reading

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Letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians: Chapter Two

If you haven’t been following this series, it begins with Ignatius’ introduction 3 or 4 posts ago on June 28. The Text of Ignatius’ Letter to the Ephesians 2 We’re on chapter 2 today. It reads as follows: As to … Continue reading

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