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Early Christianity in a Nutshell

I’ve been looking for a way to describe the Christianity I see in the early church fathers for many years. In the midst of a discussion with a friend, this outline came to me. 1. The Gospel: They preached total … Continue reading

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The Christian Thanksgiving Meal

I’m sure very few Protestants know what “Eucharist” means. Ironically, if I’m right, not many Catholics know what Eucharist means, either. The word comes from the Greek ευχαρστια, meaning the giving of thanks: thanksgiving. It was chosen because of Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Finding the Next Step

Yesterday I talked about working on the next step in church life with friends of mine, though friends far away in California. Today I want to tell you about searching for the next step for people I only heard about … Continue reading

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The Eucharist and the Real Presence

I have never written, nor even attempted to write, a web page on the Eucharist (communion or Lord’s supper) in early Christian history. That is because I find the early Christian statements about the Eucharist to be too loose to … Continue reading

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