Merry Christmas!

I meant to just give you a link today. The link’s more important than the post that follows, so if your time is limited, read John Bob’s blog, not what I wrote below the link:

God entered our world

Some Thoughts on Christmas

This is the day when a pretty good portion of the world’s population celebrates the day that a poor Jewish kid was born in a small town in a conquered nation over 2,000 years ago.

It’s an unanswerable miracle that we even know that day happened; never mind whether we know the exact day of the year it happened on—or even that we don’t know the exact year.

Atheists love to point out that the worshipers of Mithras drank bread and wine in honor of their resurrected deity just like Christians do. They love to point out the lack of contemporary, non-Christian, historical testimony to Jesus’ existence. They love to point out geographical problems in the Gospels and seeming contradictions.

Yeah, exactly. There’s no earthly reason that the whole world should know who Jesus is and refer to him as Christ. That’s a Jewish term for a king or anointed prophet! Why would the whole world use that tiny, tribal nation’s vocabulary, especially when they weren’t even a nation for 97% of those 2000 years!!! Yahweh, the tribal war god of an insignificant people, has conquered the world—without war!

Marvel today. Also, share a cup of cheer. Make someone warm today, whether that’s bodily or emotionally. Give gifts and don’t worry about getting them. Don’t worry about whether those gifts are physical because Jesus didn’t give a physical gift except the gift of himself. Enjoy the lights and think of the light of world.

It’s a great day to give.

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  1. jeremiahbriggs says:

    Merry Christmas, see you soon.

  2. Kitty says:

    Thanks Shammah.

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