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LOVE and Good Works: COVID-19 Is a Launch Pad for the Church

I get Facebook friend requests from Christians in Africa and India on a regular basis. I have no idea how many of those actually read my posts. If any of them do, then I want to announce to them that … Continue reading

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Imperative-Indicative and Performance-Acceptance

Give them time, give them love, give them rebuke, give them forgiveness, promise them rewards (real ones, not made-up ones); do whatever you have to do, but help them live for Jesus, and pay the price of suffering and time to help it happen. Continue reading

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Exhort, Encourage, Testify:The Appearance of Paul, Part V

It takes me too long to get around to finishing series I started. This may be the most important blog I’ve ever written. If you DO this, it will change your life and the lives of all those with whom … Continue reading

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