Healing Testimony

I thought y’all would like to hear this story …

I met a guy here named Todd. When I met him, he was wearing shorts and was missing a very noticeable chunk out his calf. I asked him about it, and here’s his story. I’ll keep it short.

He was on a motorcycle, riding passenger behind a friend, when they were broadsided by a truck. I forgot to ask whether that was a pickup or semi!

Anyway, he was launched down the road about 60 feet and broke ribs, his leg in several places, punctured his lung, and some other things I don’t remember.

The story here is about his leg, which was twisted sideways, torn open, and not healing, even in the hospital. The doctors were telling Todd that his leg was gangrenous and that they would almost certainly have to amputate to save his life. They told him he’d never walk on it again whether they amputated or not.

Then a pastor, John Cowan, whom I know and I mentioned in a blog as the nicest man I have ever met, came in and prayed for him. John said that he was thinking about James 5, where James says that the elders of the church should anoint a sick man with oil and pray for him. John simply wanted to obey that, so he brought olive oil with him, anointed Todd and prayed for him.

Todd said he doesn’t remember the time frame, but over the next hour to several hours, his leg slowly straightened and the pain dissipated.

A few hours later, the doctor came in to check on his leg and make sure they didn’t have to do an emergency amputation. He looked at the leg and asked what happened.

Then he called in several other doctors, and they were all stunned.

The end of that story is that Todd walks just fine, though all his other injuries just healed over time, and he has back problems to this day.

Arguments with Atheists

I used to write on an evolution versus creation message forum a few years ago. I got in a lot of discussions with Christians about evolution and with atheists about the historicity of Christ and miracles.

Atheists, especially ones that study science, love to ask for verifiable scientific studies, especially "double-blind" studies. Otherwise, they say, they don’t believe these miracles ever happened.

They also add that these miracles always seem to happen to a friend of a friend or some distant relative that the person giving the testimony has never met.

Hmm. Not my experience. I’ve met dozens of people with stories like Todd’s … not friends of friends, but people I’ve met with the most incredible stories of God healing them.

No, these will never be subject to double-blind studies. What are you going to do? Break a few people’s legs, twist them around, and then send John Cowan in to anoint them with oil?

After a while, it becomes not scientific but stupid to ignore such stories.

And it certainly becomes stupid to say miracles "cannot" happen, as though you’d conducted your own double-blind studies to prove they’re impossible. Funny how you only need those double-blind studies to prove God works. They don’t seem to need double-blind studies to pronounce them impossible.

Anyway, grace and peace to y’all!

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