Knowing the Will of God

So you want to know the will of God for your life.

A friend and mentor once told me that it is the job of a parent to make his or her will known to a child. It’s not the child’s job; it’s the parent’s.

God is the best Father of all. He is able to make his will known to his children.

We write books about knowing his will; we analyze how to know his will; and all our analysis just gets in the way.

We have only one thing to work on: how much do you want to do his will.

Sometimes the will of God is the most delightful thing that could ever happen to you. Sometimes it seems like the most painful thing that could happen to you.

What are you going to look at? The will of God? Or the cost of the will of God?

If anyone wants to do his will, then he will know of my teaching, whether it is from God. ~ Jesus Christ

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I am a church historian and pastor, but I do occasionally play APBA baseball for fun.
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