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Verses Evangelicals Ignore or Explain Away: 1 Cor. 8:6

Verse 3 (goal is 100) 1 Corinthians 8:6 For us there is but one God, the Father, out of whom are all things, and we in him, and one Lord, Jesus the King, through whom are all things, and we … Continue reading

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And to Knowledge, Self-Control

2 Peter 1:3-11 has always been one of my favorite passages. I won’t quote the whole thing here. I wrote a blog on a portion of that passage that is one of my favorites. Today, I want to address an … Continue reading

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The Taboo Scriptures

I was asked today by a friend, and a couple days ago on Facebook, if the Scriptures that I claim are “taboo” to American Christians all concern faith and works. The answer is that verses on works comprise the majority … Continue reading

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Saying What the Apostles Say

I’ve talked about this on the blog before, but this is worth talking about over and over. Here’s the issue I’m asserting: If the apostles said something that you can’t repeat without explanation or caveat, it is because your theology … Continue reading

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Are We Bible Believers?

U.S. Christians make a lot of claims about being "Bible believers," but mostly they are Bible praisers. They honor and say wonderful things about the Bible, but they really don’t pay much attention to what it says unless it agrees … Continue reading

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Through the Bible: Genesis 1:1-2

Well, this is way out of order, isn’t it! Genesis 1 was not next on the list! I am going to get back to Isaiah. Today, however, I was reading Augustine’s The Literal Meaning of Genesis, a 1600-year old book, … Continue reading

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Division and Heresy

In the last post I discussed baptism in Jesus’ name. I mentioned that those who deny the Trinity are the ones who normally bring this up. Their belief is that God is only one person. To them, Jesus is the … Continue reading

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Baptism in Jesus Name

Let’s add a new dimension to this blog, and let me begin by asking you for a moment’s prayer. Together, we might be able to change a life in our spare moments doing things like this. Today, I’d like to … Continue reading

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The Nicene Creed, New Catholic Wording, and What’s Really Important

First of all, I mean no disrespect to an an excellent article by Dr. Edward Sri. I’m just using it as a push off to complain about how we avoid important issues. There’s a lot of interesting points in Dr. … Continue reading

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Book Teaser: The Council of Nicea and the Trinity

In all the studies of the Trinity that have been published since the printing press has been invented, is it really true that no one has noticed that the Nicene Creed calls the Father the one God and we don’t? Did they really never run across Tertullian’s explanation of the reason for that? Continue reading

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