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Jesus Paid the Price?

You’d think that as often as songs mention how Jesus "paid the price" for our sins, that such terminology would be found in the Bible at least once. Instead, the only price discussed in Scripture in reference to the precious … Continue reading

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A Bit More on Sacrifices

Yesterday I talked about reconstructing Christianity as the apostles delivered it. The emphasis yesterday was on the role of sacrifices and that only those with a pure heart can offer sacrifices to God. Let’s touch on another example of that, … Continue reading

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Church or Weekly Speech?

Today, when we stopped for our lunch in the midst of our travels, I watched Dr. Drew on TV. The emphasis here is on “watch.” There was no sound. I was in a restaurant. It was apparent that Dr. Drew … Continue reading

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The Cleansing Flood and Some Really Bad Christian Images

I was raised Roman Catholic, so when I first attended an Assembly of God after being gloriously and astonishingly saved by the name of Jesus Christ, all the Protestant hymns were new to me. There were several I loved, but … Continue reading

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