Keeping Track of Miracles

Because of the sorts of things I do online, I end up running across atheist arguments or in debates with atheists, at least occasionally. It can be amazing how confident they are that Christians’ prayers don’t get answered.

I’m so used to answered prayer and to small miracles, that I find it impossible to keep track. My memory is such that recalling such things can be hard, unless it’s really amazing stuff like praying for my nephew’s eyes.

There’s a pretty awesome story that a dear friend and mentor put on his blog.

That was from a previous trip to Africa. On this current trip to Kenya, he had one of those awesome experiences that are not really all that rare. He writes:

As most of you well know, every time I come to Africa there is a great fight for my mind. Discouraging thoughts, oppressive feelings are always there to meet me in abundance. This time before I came I asked God for help that I might overcome these formidable attacks before they got a hold on me.

Those of us who know him know how he can struggle with discouragement.

This time, though …

I went to my computer and found this email from a man I met for 2 minutes in Africa 5 or 6 years ago in India.

That’s from an email. He gives the man’s name later in the email, and it’s an Indian name. I have no idea what the “in Africa” part is there for, as Noah wasn’t in Africa 5 years ago, just India. Also, the man’s email, which Noah forwarded to me, says he met Noah in India. I suspect the “in Africa” is a typo. I haven’t asked Noah because he’s in Africa.

Anyway, Noah explains what this email was like:

As I began reading this letter it was as if this man had been in my head reading my mind. He addressed every discouraging specter in my head. I was ecstatic! I could not believe this was happening. A brother I barely knew in a distant country was awakened by God in the middle of the night to let me know that God saw me and had arisen to come to my aid. I don’t even know if he knew I was in Africa.

The email to Noah is written like this:

I woke up in prayers this morning and when i was praying the lord was dealing with my life,it was deep in the spirit that you cant imargin,i saw the heavens opened and when i bowed down he remindend me you,i saw you in a deep cloud of wondering,you were in africa,i dont know if you are doing anything there!am not going to any church!is like you are in africa now,the lord has sent you there with your wife and your seeying that whet is a head is imposible!remove doughts in you! he is able to acomplish,he is with you in that mission,BE STILL,THE LORD IS WITH YOU!

You can read the whole thing at Noah’s blog. (Just press on past the suitcase story, but also follow his blog! That’s something you won’t regret.)

Having traveled to Africa with Noah two or three times, I recognize how perfect that email was.

Just a reminder that we are not alone. There’s good reasons for believing in God, and living the Christian life is a not a fantasy. It’s a powerful life. It doesn’t matter whether we can explain it if we can walk in it.

For the kingdom of God does not consist of words, but of power. (1 Cor. 4:20)

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