The Promise by Megan Cupit

Last year I ran across a blog by a young lady that I was very impressed by. The blog said she was 15, but her maturity level and commitment to … no, contentment with … our King seemed far older than 15.

She doesn’t blog much, but I get notices when she does, and in the few months before Christmas last year, she produced a four part series about the Nativity told through Mary’s eyes … and heart, hopes and fears. I loved it.

When she wrote another story in the spring, she asked for comments from readers. They all had the same comment: “I cried.”

The two stories are called The Promise and Hope, and I bought publishing rights to them from her. The book has just been released. I can’t say enough about how much I like these stories, especially The Promise. I had never deeply considered what Mary must have went through claiming to be pregnant by the decree of God.

Megan let me feel what it must have been like. By the time Mary travels to Elizabeth and is greeted as “the mother of my Lord,” I was so in the midst of the story that I cried in joy with Mary.

This is a great read, and it is inexpensive enough to make a great Christmas gift for those people you don’t know what to give. It’s on Kindle and in paperback.

Those of you who read our posts on the Christian History for Everyman Facebook Page will have already seen this. Sorry about the duplicate notice, but much of the audience of that page and this blog do not overlap.

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3 Responses to The Promise by Megan Cupit

  1. nancydog6 says:

    I know Megan Cupit!!

  2. laura says:

    I ordered this book as soon as I possibly could, and I anxiously await my copies to read and share. I wish this young lady a tremendous life of sharing her spirit with many. She blogged well, and in putting her heart into her writing, she certainly reached mine! It is as tho’ we were right there also. My compliments to Megan Cupit! 🙂

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