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Doing Good Works Is not Legalism: Salvation by Faith the Bible Way

In this post, I want to rescue you from the negative attitude towards good works that is so common in modern churches. The Conflict: Works and Faith The source of that negative attitude is verses like Romans 3:28, which says, … Continue reading

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Through the Bible: Matthew 1:18-25

We are going through Tatian’s Diatessaron. It is a harmony of the four Gospels put together in the mid-second centuary. Today we begin section II, which is pulled from Matthew 1. The introduction mentions that Tatian skipped the genealogies in … Continue reading

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God’s Not a Legalist

The high places were not taken away out of Israel; nevertheless, Asa’s heart was perfect all his days. ~2 Chronicles 15:17 God’s not a legalist. Other kings were commended for getting rid of their high places, but Asa didn’t do … Continue reading

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