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How I Became a Heretic (to the Evangelicals)

I was raised Catholic, gave up on Catholicism, explored eastern mysticism as a teenager, and wound up agnostic at age 20. The prayers and daily witness of my first Air Force supervisor and some reading of the Gospels led to … Continue reading

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Difficult Verses and Bible Interpretation

I was exhorted in a comment to make my purposes clear in my posts. The apostles, I was told, always had a call to action. That thought led to this post, but I don’t know what my call to action … Continue reading

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Early Christianity: Do I Have Any Advice?

Someone wrote me telling me that they’re reading the early Christian writings, including David Bercot’s Writings. Then he asked me if I have any advice. For those that want to live the life that the apostles and early Christians lived, … Continue reading

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