Through the Bible in a Year: Romans 9-11

On Monday, we’ll be returning to the Hebrew Scriptures and reading 1 Samuel. We’ll read chapters 1-5 on Monday.

For today, I’m going to send you back to last week’s post on Romans 7-11. I have just moved from our apartment in Nashville—provided by the combined kindness of the American Cancer Society, the Open Arms program, and Grande View Apartments—back to our home in Selmer, at Rose Creek Village.

I read last week’s post, and I think that between what I’ve written this week, and last, we have covered the points that I would want to make sure to cover.

So I’m asking you, please actually read Romans 9-11 again, and then look at last week’s post. The section on Romans 9-11 is not very long, but I believe that what we’ve been talking about all week covers everything that last week’s commentary doesn’t cover. I believe at this point, that the discussion of righteousness, life, and the Law is something that should now be relatively simple to you, having laid the foundation we’ve been laying over these last two weeks.

In fact, the things Paul writes in these chapters are so in line with what we’ve been saying, that they reinforce our commentary by having you just read them and see how well they fall right in place.

Thank you and see you again Monday morning to begin 1 Samuel!

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