Catching Up …

I haven’t written a blog post here in almost 3 weeks. It’s not from lack of things to write about.

Quite the opposite. There’s been LOTS to write about, but I’ve been so busy doing it that I haven’t been writing. I’ve barely had time to answer emails, even business ones.

Cow Brain Removal

First, I learned how to remove a cow brain from a cow skull. (Don’t go there unless you don’t mind seeing some gross pictures.)

Don’t worry. It was for my daughter’s science project, not some religious ritual.

Preaching the Gospel

Then we went to California to talk to people about the church.

It was an amazing time. God really opened some doors, and we learned some things about our own inadequacy, God’s sufficiency, and the power of prayer.

The most exciting thing to me is when God’s revelation comes, and the light turns on.

You can see it in a person’s face. It can be shocking, but often when the Gospel of the kingdom comes—that we’re a nation of priests, ruled by God, not just individuals struggling along—then the love of God accompanies it, and it’s warm, drawing, and powerful.

We have to keep praying. Just because someone heard the Word of God with power does not mean that they’ll hold onto it and give themselves to it. The devil is always looking for opportunity to steal away the seed or to choke out a new plant. He is not going to stand for seeing a real church, a gathering of committed—however weak they may be, they are committed—disciples … because the gates of hell will never prevail against them. They will snatch the elect from his grip.

More later …

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I am a church historian and pastor, but I do occasionally play APBA baseball for fun.
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