Why I Quote the Early Christians

The early Christians used to be able to boast things like this:

With us there is no desire of self-exaltation, nor do we indulge in a variety of opinions. We have renounced the popular and earthly; we obey the commands of God; we follow the law of the Father of immortality; and we reject everything which rests upon human opinion. Not only do the rich among us pursue our philosophy, but the poor enjoy instruction without charge, for the things which come from God surpass the reimbursement of worldly gifts. Thus we admit all who desire to hear, even old women and adolescents. In short, persons of every age are treated by us with respect, but every kind of licentiousness is kept at a distance.

Unfortunately, this was written by Tatian, a guy who was caught up by “self-exaltation” and moved on to the “variety of opinions” of the gnostics. Nonetheless, the churches moved forward in unity and holiness. Until we can boast the same things, I am going to assume that our novelties are error, not improvements on the old ways.

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