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Through the Bible in a Year: Genesis 25:11 to 28

At the start of today’s reading, we see Ishmael’s descendants covered quickly. As I pointed out yesterday, Ishmael is the father of the Arab nations. You will notice that Ishmael had twelve children, which correspond to twelve tribes. You may … Continue reading

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Tithing, the New Testament Church, and Hucksters

I’ve always had a problem with tithing because it’s the only Old Testament law that fundamentalists want to push on their members. Or so I thought. Today, I read a blog, which I’ll link in a moment, that gave me … Continue reading

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Church or Weekly Speech?

Today, when we stopped for our lunch in the midst of our travels, I watched Dr. Drew on TV. The emphasis here is on “watch.” There was no sound. I was in a restaurant. It was apparent that Dr. Drew … Continue reading

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