The New World Order and Government Conspiracies

What about conspiracy theories and the new world order?

I’ve heard many conspiracy theories about a new world order. There is no doubt that we are locked in a battle with satan and his agents, but it doesn’t appear to me that we are to fight him by trying to figure out how governments and rulers will arrange themselves. We fight him by staying close to God, living in righteousness, and praying. In due time, God will order things according to his will. Until then, he has given us much instruction on what we should do, which includes obeying governments, paying taxes, and praying for our leaders so that we may live godly and holy lives in peace and quietness.

To me, the easiest way to sort through difficult teachings is to jump to the end and find out what those teachings ask us to do. If they ask us to do what the Gospel and our Master ask us to do, then let us look deeper. If they ask us to do other things that are mere distractions, like researching government activities, then we must reject them and be about our Master’s business.

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2 Responses to The New World Order and Government Conspiracies

  1. john bob says:


    We can get so distracted by these things. I’ve had friends sending me stuff about the whole Occupy campaign and such, and I just can’t go there. We’ve got a King, and he’s a good King. He’ll do it the way he wants it.

  2. Amy Wiggins says:

    Great Word. So true !

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