Taking a Stand

Someone has to say what’s true. Today, I want to point you to two blogs doing just that.

One is mine. I started addressing all the nonsense that people say about Christian history. It’s high time that the truth got more play than rumors and falsehood.

Christian History Blog

That blog also has all the new pages that are put up at my Christian History for Everyman site.

The other one is from J. Lee Grady, who writes way more than his share of powerful, timely posts. All of us who are committed, believing Jesus followers should read his blog, pray for him, and recommend his blog to others.

J. Lee Grady: The Ominous Handwriting on America’s Wall

You may notice that I don’t write or recommend much in the way of "God is judging such and such" blogs. J. Lee Grady is not overboard, a kook, a conspiracy theorist, nor even particularly right wing. He’s just an honest, godly man, of which there are far too few nowadays.

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